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The jQuery Javascript Library …

jQuery is the most popular javascript library used in web sites today, with approximately 49% of the top 10,000 visited sites now deploying it.

The library allows for client-side scripting of HTML, and provides a broad range of apps for the designer.

Designed by John Resig, the library provides the tools for animation, enhanced page navigation, widget development, and numerous plug-ins.

The example shown at upper left is known as a ‘Tool Tip’. This script displays a configurable pop-up window that provides the visitor the ability to “hover” over a hyperlink and discover more information prior to clicking through.

Load time is rapid on practically every jQuery script I’ve used so far .. which have included zoomable photo images, image libraries and forms development.

To see jQuery in action, click on the image. It will open onscreen, darkening the background page. Click on the “x” or anywhere off the image to return to the page view.

For additional reading, you might start with the Wikipedia discussion page.

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