Photographer’s Bible

I’ve frequently taught a photo seminar each year at the Backroads Touring – Kansas ‘Flint Hills Stampede’, and it is a most enjoyable session, with up to a dozen budding photographers participating in the class. Beforehand, I’ve encouraged the photographers to study the work of Ansel Adams, as we’re most often engaged in landscape photography … and Adams has long been recognized as the master in this field.

When it comes to an overall reference publication, it’s hard to beat British photographer Tom Ang’s, “Digital Photographer’s Handbook”. For me, this was probably the best $35 I ever spent at the time … to quote DP Expert’s review: “Subjects covered include the technology of cameras and a how-to-choose guide. The essential physics of lenses and their behavior is explained. All aspects of the art are covered, including framing, composition, lighting and subject selection. The post-camera chapters describe all common editing techniques, including cropping, exposure correction, black and white conversion, colour correction, spot removal and other computer manipulations of images. Some of his advice on achieving weird effects is a little esoteric. Scanning, printing, web-sharing and emailing, as well as file storage are covered.

This is an ideal classroom-in-a-book for anyone who wants to progress beyond the point-and-shoot and print-at-Big W stage. Ang’s own photos illustrate the text well. The layout and the clarity of the text are excellent.”

Says it all for me …..!

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